CAME-TV Came-Single 3 Axis Gimbal

CAME-TV Came-Single 3 Axis Gimbal
  • Full 3 Axis Stabilization
  • Built in Joystick Control
  • 32bit Controller and Brushless Motors with Encoders
  • Larger frame than most pistol-grip Gimbal Systems allows cameras to fully Tilt up and down
  • 1/4″-20 thread mount on side of handle to support mounting a smartphone or monitor
  • Lightweight for easy carrying. The net weight of the CAME-SINGLE is only 1.2kg
  • Max payload 1.2kg. Works with Sony A7s, Panasonic GH4, BMPCC, etc.

CAMETV_GIMBAL_01_V5A3655-1_800x800 CAMETV_GIMBAL_02_V5A3655-1_800x800 CAMETV_GIMBAL_03_V5A3655-1_800x800 CAMETV_GIMBAL_04_V5A3660-1_V5A3655-1_800x800 CAMETV_GIMBAL_05_V5A3661-1_800x800 CAMETV_GIMBAL_06_V5A3662-1_800x800 CAMETV_GIMBAL_07_V5A3663-1_800x800 CAMETV_GIMBAL_08_V5A3665-1_800x800 CAMETV_GIMBAL_09_V5A3755-1_800x800 CAMETV_GIMBAL_10_V5A3760-1_800x800 CAMETV_GIMBAL_11_V5A3766-1_800x800CAMETV_GIMBAL_12_V5A3771-1_800x800CAMETV_GIMBAL_13_V5A3774-1_800x800